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The Nelson Family
Budget: $50,000

The homeowners came to me (Ryan) with a really good idea of what they wanted, measurements and all. This isn't always the case, sometimes people have no idea what they want. That's where we can step in and help them. The Nelson's knew what they wanted and it was very encouraging.

The first time I visited their house was after a home show, and I had my wife Jenifer with me. We sat down and went over all of their desires. They knew what type of decking they were going to have, they knew what the posts and beams were going to be, and they knew the roof type. I made some suggestions on the pine tongue and groove soffit and can lights.

The next step was to have plans drawn up by my architect and engineered. Then it was off to the city of Issaquah for some permits. Oh the fun! Fortunately the permits were issued and the project started as planned. On this project the Homeowners had done the demolition work of their old deck before we got there, in order to save some money.

When we showed up on day one to start building it was smooth sailing. The deck went up and the structure closely followed. The project continued on schedule and was finished in the time estimated, approximately five weeks.

So far, with a few parties, family and friends love their outdoor living area. The price for this project with planning, architecture plans, engineering, permits, labor, top-of-the-line materials, and management was about $50,000.

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